is the Original online Video portal...
nearly a decade before youtube.

After fighting censorship from my hometown for years,
I created you-on-tv.com to exercise my free speech
and make sure my show would be seen uncensored.

Although I didn't realize it,
adding video to my website was a historic event.
It would be hard to imagine the internet today
without online videos.


Checkout this historic footage
from the birth of the online video craze...

Background - The REAL history of online video - before youtube
2015 ECU lecture by Michael Goetz

The first online tv show - since 1997
Early moments of THE HOMETOWN
(.WMV download)

Early LIVE webcast- Texas State Fair 1997
WFAA- Future of HDTV.

Early LIVE webcast- NEW YEARS EVE 1997-98
THE HOMETOWN - on location in Dallas.
(.WMV download)


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Michael Lee Goetz, sr.
President - Chb - Founder

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